All You Need to Know about MINOCA

A newly discovered type of heart attack known as myocardial infarction with non obstructive coronary arteries (MINOCA) is understood to be more common in women than in men. Surprisingly, this rare or otherwise new type of heart attack is often dismissed as a minor condition. Unlike most types of heart attack, MINOCA is not caused by obstructed arteries.

Although most studies conducted on this condition provide great insights, a lot remains to be known about this condition. However, most researchers recommend that the treatment options should be informed by a guided understanding of the primary causes of MINOCA.

Possible causes of MINOCA

As medical researchers continue to probe deeper and study possible causes and potential remedies for MINOCA, a lot remains to be done. However, most of them firmly believe this condition is caused by inflammation of the heart or microscopic tears in the arterial walls.

Also, there are also strong reasons to believe that high-stress levels could cause this condition. This stress-induced heart condition affects mostly women and is potentially fatal. Unfortunately, failure to accord this ailment the seriousness it deserves could be the most significant contributing factor behind the increasing number of the broken heart syndrome.

Historically, MINOCA is often dismissed as a common heart ailment. Also, most physicians tend to downplay MINOCA with some of them calling it a false heart attack. As a result, most patients are sent home with proper treatment of lifestyle advice. On a personal level, it remains imperative to seek more information about this condition and possible ways of preventing it.

It Starts with You

Given how common MINOCA among women has become, a better understanding of the possible causes of this condition and possible treatments is sorely needed. Also, staying safe from this condition calls for a healthy lifestyle – avoid smoking, eat a healthily, manage your stress, and exercise.

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