Yoga is increasingly becoming popular. What was once a stereotypical image of the yogi is now a routine activity for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. As more and more people embrace yoga for both physical and mental wellness, athletes are among the newest kids on the block.

In a world where sports are increasingly becoming competitive and where minor injuries can be career threatening, yoga for jocks or athletes is now the “in thing”. Even better, Joga also goes a long way in enhancing the mental clarity. To all jocks that still doubt the effectiveness of Joga, here are three reasons to integrate it into your workout routine.

Dealing with Injuries

Being injured sucks and could jeopardize what could have been otherwise a rewarding career. Need I say more? Joga not only helps in recovery from injuries but also enables you to stabilize your joints. This practice also increases muscle flexibility and at the same time balancing out body imbalances that could make you susceptible to injury. A balanced body is far less likely to be injured.

Mental Clarity

Performance anxiety often steals the show. For instance, if you have the potential of Lionel Messi and you cannot handle the pressure that comes with playing at the top, it is almost impossible to get your game face on. Joga enhances mental clarity and at the same time eliminates doubtful thoughts, thus allowing you to focus on your performance.

Better Recovery

You will never play at your best if everything you keep doing is pushing your body to the limit. It is therefore essential to dedicate some time to recovery – it allows your body to absorb the hard work you put in. Irrespective of the spot. Joga can be an excellent recovery tool.

The benefits of Joga for athletes are undeniable. Whether it is improving your flexibility, strength, balance or mental stamina, Joga has you covered.