Healthy living is a common subject today primarily due to the increase in number of ailments. Part of living a healthy life requires you to eat the right foods, workout regularly, and managing your mental health. Not sure of where to start? Here are four foods that will keep you healthy:

  • Low Fat Yoghurt

Yoghurt is believed to be as important as health itself. Yoghurt has been included in our healthy food list for all the right reasons. It is highly nutritious and is considered to be an excellent source of essential nutrients like potassium and calcium. It is also rich in proteins, vitamins and essential minerals. Like any fermented dairy products, it also contains healthy bacteria that protect you in myriad ways.

  • Blueberries

These little agents are among the best antioxidants you can ever have. Ideally, antioxidants are known to reverse all sorts of damage caused on your body. Eating blueberries will not only help you look younger, but it also delivers potent heart-health benefits. Another blueberry perk is that they help you eat less, thus helping you lose weight.

  • Beans

Most nutritionists recommend at least 3-4 servings per week. Beans are a proven source of proteins and fiber. As much as beans might get a bad rep for making people gassy, the more you eat, the less likely you are to having tummy issues, diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer among other ailments.

  • Oats

Compared to other whole grains, oats are among the best foods when it comes to weight loss. Oats can help you eat less and help you remain full for long, which goes a long way in helping you lose weight and trim your midsection. Their benefits do not stop there – they are also good for your skin.

No food can instantly make you young and healthy. But over time, eating the right combinations will undoubtedly make a significant difference.