The choice of workouts depends on one’s fitness levels, and so does yoga. Most people are conversant with yoga especially those that are striving towards improving their fitness levels. Joga, or yoga for jocks is a relatively new type of yoga meant for athletes or persons with higher fitness levels. Traditional yoga focuses on long static holds, which does not work well considering that it tends to overstretch different muscles.

On the contrary, Joga primarily focuses on dynamic stretching as it tries to mimic different sporting movements. Here, the primary focus shifts from just flexibility but achieving both strength and flexibility. Joga is mainly designed to complement an athlete’s routine training. Here are three main areas of focus in Joga that go a long way in achieving a healthy physique and an agile mind needed to compete.

  • Breath

Like Yoga, Joga also focuses on breath coordination as a way of increasing an athlete’s range of motion along with peace of mind. Ideally, the stretched breath control methods allow one to develop their lung capacity thus allowing for efficient oxygen flow into the bloodstream and at the same time release of carbon dioxide for enhanced performance.

  • Physical Posture

Postures are meant to improve strength and flexibility. Joga is known for distinctive poses that enhance joint stability, mobility, and muscular strength. Also, it promotes specific anatomical cues that help the body operate more efficiently and at the time work on your susceptibility to injury.

  • Relaxation

Joga also features restorative yoga postures aimed at training the mind to relax while the muscles are challenged. Relaxation is mostly achieved using specific vibration words that calm the mind and at the same time ease anxiety and stress often associated with the life of a professional athlete.

Practicing Joga goes a long way in making you a better athlete. It only helps you compete but also improves your mind.