Travel Trends This Year

Before summer sets in, you expect to come across a barrage of articles on top travel trends that will re-define vacation offerings. Ideally, these pieces often cover things like where travelers are most likely to go and the amazing things they stand to do while on vacation. A lot has happened in the global tourism industry and here are some travel trends poised to have a significant impact.

Middle East Travel Poised to Make a Comeback

The Middle East has been consistently featured on headlines this year by recording significantly higher arrivals than most parts of the world. The world tourism organization considers the Middle East as the fastest growing destination with Palestinian territories poised to lead the pack.

Europe’s New Frontiers Finally Have a Chance

For decades, European tourism hot spots like Croatia and Italy have consistently enjoyed a capacity crunch. The focus is now shifting from these destination thanks to the development of new frontiers in the region. Moldova and Belarus, otherwise seen as the small kids are now a force to reckon. The rise of social media opens people to lesser-known destinations loaded with vast attractions.

Cruise Ship Travel Will Be More Sustainable

With major stakeholders in the tourism industry advocating for a reduction in the environmental footprint, large cruise ship companies are not looking for greener power alternatives for cruise ships. Even better, cruise ship companies are adding better vessels to their range.

Wellness Travel is Increasingly Becoming Popular

The popularity of wellness vacations is on the rise. Tour companies are slowly integrating healthy practices into their offerings. For instance, in response to the rising demand for health-conscious packages, things are cycling tours are increasingly becoming popular.

The tourism industry is often full of surprises. However, these travel trends are expected to remain in 2018 and beyond. Also, expect other surprises from this dynamic industry.

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