Wellness Travel Trends

Most travel destinations today are designed with the health-conscious traveler in mind. Ideally, this implies that major players in the hospitality industry are slowly coming to terms with wellness-travel trends that are now shifting their primary focus from vacation-related experiences to wellness. As a result, airports, spas, and hotels are increasing acquiring and creating brands designed to help travelers improve their health.

Wellness travel Stats

According to research conducted by the global leisure institute, it was established that close to 7% of global leisure trips in 2015 & 2016 were wellness related. Based on these statistics, the proliferation of tourists seeking wellness experiences is expected to push global tourism trips to a record high. Wellness tourism is expected to grow by more than 9% through 2017.

It is now clear that more than 17 million travelers identify themselves as “health and wellness” focused. Studies confirm that almost half of this number are regular tourists with the other half being first-timers. This shows considerable prospects in the travel industry, and we expect to see even more wellness-centric developments this year.

Another interesting statistic is that wellness tourists spend relatively more than the average tourists. However, they need to get a reinvigorating travel experience to fork more than the average traveler. Ideally, the primary focus of most people going for a wellness vacation is genuine value for money in matters of health.

Why Wellness Travel?

It is believed that more than half of the global working population experience some form of workplace-related stress. Wellness travel is not only inspired by stress but can also be a move to stimulate healthier ethos among the working population.

Wellness trips offer a soft landing for hardworking professionals seeking to get the most out of their vacation. These trips help them explore answers and a fantastic opportunity to unwind.

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